Johnny Lever


This expansive bundle of talent has very modest roots. Johny Lever, India's answer to Jim Carrey, was only an ordinary mill worker in Hindustan Lever, and hence the suffix attached to his first name. Johny Lever was only performing in stage -shows doing mimicries and imitations until he was indoctrinated to try his luck in films by all his well-wishers. Having got his first break in the movie 'Jalwa', this actor has never looked back.

He performs flawlessly and with such vigorous energy, that it almost seems like he has a boneless face, what with the wide variety of expressions, that he projects on screen. It almost seems like livewire. It is only because of this multitude of comic talent that he displays on screen, that he many a times has even overshadowed the heroes he has worked with. There has not been a single movie when the audiences have not clapped, cheered and went rolling down the aisles on Johny's performance.

However all this has a flip side too. As his success chart went up, his misgivings caught up with him and Johny Lever was convicted last year for an alleged insulting of the National Anthem and the Constitution of India at one of Dawood Ibrahim's private party in Dubai. Lever was sentenced to seven days imprisonment by a metropolitan magistrate for the alleged act. But then all gifted people have their dark sides, that is groped more often and with penchant by media, a reason why these things are hyped so much, that would have gone rather unnoticed in the case of a layman. All said and done, barring a few instances where he goes overboard, Johny Lever is a jester with a heart of gold, who performs every year religiously on festival occasions like Ganapati, free of charge at distant suburbs, and is known to have helped a lot of his past friends.

A man who brings precious laughter to the life of people, what more can one ask for?

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