Ashwini Bhave


Ashwini Bhave is an Indian actress from a Maharashtrian Koknastha Bramhin family in Mumbai. She has worked in many Marathi films and some Hindi films. She has performed along with Madhuri Dixit-Nene in many countries. She was born on May 7th.She started her career in Hindi films with R.K Banner?s Henna.Film did well at the box office,through she was in second lead in the film,she got more offers than leading lady of Henna-Zeba Bakhtiar.She got roles with substance in films like Meera Ka Mohan & Sainik,but these films could not help her career.She was signed opposite Anil Kapoor in Yash Chopra?s Parampara,but anil walked out of the film and Vinod Khanna was signed,bhave too decided to walk out as she felt her pairing with khanna is not suitable,but chopra convinced her to do the film.She later did few films with Mithun.She got critical acclaim for 1996?s Bhairvi,but was upset when she did not get any nomination for it at award functions.She later moved to T.V for sometime and did a mega-serial Yug.She walked out with praise for her performances in Yugpurush and Bandhan,but there were no suitable bollywood offers,so she moved back to Marathi Cinema.

She is married to Maharashtrian software engineer Kishore Bopardikar. They are settled in San Francisco in the United States. She has two children who are currently undergoing primary education. She plays a major role in the NRI community in the Bay Area. One of her friends is actress Ponni Chesser of Night of Henna and Bicycle Bride fame.

She made a come back as a producer and lead actress in a Marathi movie named Kadachit (2007). The movie played in Maharashtra. Audiences loved the movie. Kadachit was also shown in United States Of America.

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