Bhoomika Chawla


In an industry where memories live short, the loyalty of young Bhoomika Chawla is of a rare kind. Her integrity is her appeal; her speech and actions speak of her innocence and straightforwardness. She hit Bollywood with the Satish Kaushik directed "Tere Naam" opposite Salman Khan. This film was a remake of Tamil superhit "Sethu".

This 20-year-old artiste started her career in south Indian films where she has tasted both success and failure. Despite the many failures she has faced, Bhoomika says, ``I can`t forget that it is the Telugu film industry that has given me fame and success." "When I was young," Bhoomika continues, "I always felt I should be famous." Having given a string of hits down south namely "Khushi","Okkadu","Missamma" to name a few, she has already become a household name.

Bhoomika's outstanding quality is her enthusiasm. She has kept away from the nonsensical controversies that abound in Bollywood, and is more in love with her profession. "I want to do all genres of cinema. I don't want to get stuck to any particular role,"says the actress, who believes that in destiny that took her to fame and glamour. "I started with commercials and music videos and when I applied for screen tests in Mumbai, I couldn't make it. But when I came to Hyderabad, I passed the test. Destiny has certainly played a role,"she says.

When she is not shooting, Bhoomika catches up with reading. "I love to read both fiction and non-fiction. I love Paulo Coelho, Jeffrey Archer, Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel, Taslima Nasreen and Tehmina Durrani." Sometimes she just loves to stand by the window and see people and traffic pass by. Her other interests include music and dance.

Bhoomika may eventually land up in direction or cinematography some day. Lenses and camera fascinate her and she hopes to direct films one day. Till then she wants to enjoy playing the numerous characters she is asked to play, and she has already been seen in movies like Run, Samba, Tere Naam, Dil Ne Jisse Apna Kaha, Silsilay and Family. Her forthcoming movies include My Father Gandhi and Beenam.

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