Ab Tak Chhappan - 2004


Ab Tak Chhappan is the story of a cold blooded cop who doesn?t ask much questions when it comes to bumping off somebody. The movie is yet another take on the life of encounter specialist Daya Nayak.

Sadhu Agashe?s task is to eliminate those unwanted elements of society, who wield power and could escape the clutches of law by pulling strings or by using loopholes in the legal system. He has already bumped off 56 people in a number of staged encounters and has full support from his mentor Commissioner Pradhan (Mohan Agashe).

Sadhu leads a very normal middle class life at home with his loving wife (Revathy) and young son. His friends are colleagues from his team including the new recruit Jatin (Nakul Vaid).

But things begin to spin out of control for Sadhu when the new Police Commissioner Suchak (Jeeva) takes over and Sadhu?s own teammates begin to turn bitter towards him. The strife and resentment continues amongst the officers in his team with one officer Imtiyaz Sidiqui (Yashpal Sharma) vying for Sadhu?s position.

Sadhu?s world shatters when his wife is killed. Dejected and undermined, he resigns from his job only to discover that he has become a fugitive in the eyes of his own people. To save his life Sadhu turns to some of those criminals he had once fought against. These criminals include India's most wanted don Zameer Zafar.

As a producer Ram Gopal Varma is trying new and experimental subjects that have a good dose of realism to them. Ab Tak Chhapan is directed by his prot?g? Shimit Amin, the man who edited ?Bhoot?.

Besides Shimit?s slick style of direction, the movie grips a viewer?s attention because of Nana Patekar?s intense and power packed performance. Shimit has particularly taken care not to make Nana?s character loud and the actor too has underplayed his role deliberately to lend a realistic touch to it.

Other noticeable performances come from Yashpal Sharma, Mohan Agashe and Prasad Purandare who plays the offshore-based don to whom Sadhu eventually turns to for help.

What makes Ab Tak Chappan appealing is the objective approach it takes into the life of a hardened cop. The protagonist of the movie is a man who has become stolid towards death. He hardly flinches before pulling the trigger and then goes about his daily chores ? buying vegetables, chatting with friends and watching television ? as if nothing has happened.

Cast & Crew

Shimit Amin
Ram Gopal Varma
Salim Suleman

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