Ab...Bas! - 2004


Soumya [Diana Hayden] wins a beauty pageant and has the guys mesmerized by her looks. Karan [Shawar Ali], a tycoon, also present at the pageant, is completely smitten by Soumya. They meet, he woos her and soon enough, proposes marriage.

Soumya and Karan get married and become proud parents after Soumya delivers a baby girl. Everything seems to be hunky-dory till Soumya answers Karan's cellphone and the cat is out of the bag: Karan is indulging in extra-marital affairs.

Soumya questions Karan about it, but he pacifies her and even offers an apology. But the thought of her husband cheating on her continues to nag Soumya. Karan continues with his philandering ways and Soumya questions him again. This time, Karan gets physical and even threatens her with dire consequences.

Soumya decides to walk out and even asks for divorce, but Karan is adamant: Walk out and face the wrath. Somehow, Soumya escapes with her kid, but Karan traces her no matter where she goes. But when things go out of hand, Soumya decides to teach Karan a lesson!

Every year, there are a couple of movies that aren't very innovative in terms of script, but somehow, allow you to enjoy them on some level. AB? BAS! is one of those films. Even though its story does get predictable and the screenplay has some glitches, AB? BAS! manages to keep you hooked on to the screen.

Cast & Crew

Rajesh Singh
Daboo Malik

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