Ankush - 1986


It is a story of four lower middle class unemployed young men in Mumbai (then Bombay) who feel disconnected with society and are wasting their life away when new neighbours, a young beautiful girl Nita (Nisha Singh) and her grandmother, change their perspective. They change their attitude and try and blend in with the normal, honest and hard-working society of 1980s India when Nita is raped at the hands of her employers.

However the culprits are let off for the want of evidence and Nita takes extreme step of suicide. They then take revenge of each and every culprit in a very novel way. It also shows their distrust in the law of the land. The movie has a tragic end with all four getting capital punishment for doing what they thought was correct, specially so when law of land fails to book the criminals for their wrongdoings.

Cast & Crew

N Chandra
Subhash R, N Chandra
Kuldeep Singh

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