Apne Dam Par - 1996


Ranjit Saxena is a proud but arrogant owner of a vast mansion, and immense wealth. He lives in this mansion with his wife (Reema Lagoo), her brother (Mushtaq Khan), his wife (Kunika), sister Sapna (Shilpa Shirodkar), and a daughter. He plans to marry his sister to his business partner, Mr. Verma's (Raza Murad) son. Ranjit is angered when he finds out that Sapna has been dating Ram (Mithun Chakraborty), a mere motor mechanic.

He asks Sapna to forget Ram, but she is adamant, and so he invites Ram to his mansion, taunts, humiliates, and then offers him a lot of money so that he can forget Sapna, but Ram refuses. Ranjit then asks Verma to arrange to kill Ram, however, their plans are foiled by Sapna, who while saving Ram's life, get's killed. Ram is devastated, he vows never to marry, and lives only to look after his younger brother.

Years later his brother has graduated with honors, and is of marriageable age, and is in love with a girl named Divya. Ram agrees to marry them both, and goes to meet Divya's parents, who are none other than the Saxenas. (IMDB)

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