Asambhav - 2004


The film is set in Locarno [Switzerland] where the Indian President Pratap Singh [Dr. Mohan Agashe], is on a short vacation with his daughter Kinjal [Dippanita Sharma], who studies in the U.S.

The President and his daughter are kidnapped and taken hostage on an island by a terrorist, Mabros [Shawar Ali] at the behest of an ISI official Ansari [Milind Gunaji]. Ansari also has the full support of the terrorist group, Al-Hamas, led by Yuzan Baksh [Mukesh Rishi].

To rescue the President and his daughter from captivity, Indian government launches Mission 'Asambhav'. This mission is led by Captain Aadit Arya [Arjun Rampal], a skilled commando highly trained in combat and rescue operations.

On Ansari's trail in Locarno, Aadit comes across Sam Hans [Naseeruddin Shah] and Brian [Tom Alter], who are involved with Ansari in the drug trade. The narcotics contraband is often smuggled from one country to another through a pop singer Alisha [Priyanka Chopra].

As Aadit sets out to realize mission Asambhav he finds a much wider terror network that he must penetrate to fulfill his task.

Ajun Rampal suits the role of a commando, but his acting skills need some polishing. Naseeruddin Shah on the other hand grabs all the attention with his portrayal of a golden-haired drug trader with a one-liner for every occasion.

'Asambhav' is a film that sticks to the beaten and worn-out Bollywood stereotypes. Over-dramatic dialogues, deliberately forced songs and inflated action sequences make it quite a predictable and stodgy fare.

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