Aulad - 1987


Anand and Devki on one hand, and Yashoda and Vicky on the other, have recently married. While Devki has a child, Yashoda is expecting. The two couples meet in a train, which is ill-fated as it meet with an accident. Devki is nowhere to be found, and Anand believes she is dead. Vicky and his child are killed and Yashoda is devastated.

Anand feels sorry for Yashoda and has the doctor switch his baby for the dead one. Yashoda returns to her home and her in-laws with Anand's child, while he re-locates abroad. Several years later, Anand returns and is unable to keep away from Yashoda and the child. He repeatedly keeps on visiting them, to the extent that his visits get to be a nuisance, and an embarrassment.

Then Anand is overjoyed to know that Devki is still alive. But when Devki asks about their child, he tells her the truth, thus setting off a tussle between the 2 mothers, to such an extent that both are prepared to sue each other publicly in Court.

Cast & Crew

Vijay Sadanah
Vijay Sadanah, Chander Sadanah

Aulad Movie - Songs

Lo Jaa Raha Hai Koi

Jeevan Jyot Jale

Raste Ka Maal Saste Mein

Ek Maa Ka Ye Dil

Ton Ton Ghari Mein

Toh Phir Ho Jaaye

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