Bal Brahmachari - 1996


Professor Vijay Tripathi is brutally killed at the hands of Bhujbal Choudhary and his men, and they make his death look like he was struck by lightning. After witnessing this murder, Vijay's pregnant wife, Anju, runs for her life and takes shelter in a mandir. There she gives birth to a baby boy, and entrusts him to the mandir's poojary alongwith instructions what to do with the child, and dies. The Poojary takes the child to the house of Thakur Raghuveer Singh, who is childless, and agrees to adopt this child. This child is specially blessed by Bhagwan Bajrangbali and possesses special powers. They name the child Mahavir.

Unknown to Raghuveer, his employee, Balakram and his wife, have also a baby boy born to them. Balakram is upset at Mahavir's arrival, and plans to kill him, in vain. Raghuveer also agrees to adopt Balakram's son, and names him Balbir. Both grow up as brothers and also attend college together. While there, Balbir meets with Seema and falls in love with her. Seema's friend, Asha, is attracted to Mahavir, but Mahavir has taken a vow of celibacy, and will not any woman come near him. Asha must use all of her seductive powers to make Mahavir change his mind. And then Mahavir finds out that about his real parents, and then sets about to seek vengeance against their assailant, a shadowy form he has magically seen in his dreams. (IMDB)

Bal Brahmachari Movie - Songs

Nazarein Lad Gayiyan - Song

Ram Dhun Gao - Song

Kabhi Na Kabhi - Song

Tu Hai Ladki - Song

Hum Hain Bal Brahmachari - Song

Na Na Chhuna Na - Song

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