Bardaasht - 2004


Bobby plays an ex-army officer Aditya Shrivastav, who was court martialled from defense forces for disobeying the orders of his senior officer. The man who could have been a gallant soldier ends up running a travel agency to make the ends meet and to provide for the upbringing and education of his younger brother Anuj (Ritesh Deshmukh).

Anuj is a fine young man with a mischievous streak. He is an enfant terrible for his college teachers, particularly the principal who warns Aditya of his younger brother's delinquent ways. Aditya takes up the issue with Anuj. What follows is an altercation between the two brothers after which Anuj, angered at being treated like a child, leaves the home.

Aditya knows that his brother will return back in a day after his anger melts down a bit, but when Anuj doesn't come back, he begins to search for him through friends and other people he hung around with. With all doors closed, Aditya goes to police station to lodge a complaint. There, to his utter shock, he discovers that Anuj has been killed in an encounter with police because he was carrying drugs in his possession.

Aditya cannot believe the version of story told by the police. He knows his brother too well to believe the cops' claim. He even finds the FIR very dubious. Determined to find the truth, he goes to the court to fight his case. In this, he is helped by Payal (Lara Dutta) who he has known and loved since his days in the army.

But there are people who would want the truth to be buried for their good. These people would prevent Aditya from his fight for justice of his brother's death at any cost. But Aditya is not the one to give up his fight. He is determined to bring truth to light, to absolve his dead brother of the debasing charges and to bring the culprits to justice even if it means picking up the gun.

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