Bhavnao Ko Samjho - 2010


Bhavnao Ko Samjho movie tarts with a multi-millionaire, Himmatlal, who has lost his elder son and daughter-in-law in an accident and is survived by his grand daughter Suman and younger son Sunderlal. Sweet and young, Suman being his pet & Sunder being his worry, as he is a proper spoilt creature and a good for nothing Drunkard.

After the death of Himmatlal the whole property according to the will gets transferred to the grand daughter, Suman who was studying abroad and Sunderlal is left wanting. Thus he starts making every possible effort to get back the property on his name. He makes all the wrong promises & compromises to get back what he felt was rightfully his & thus goes to limits to attain it.

In his quest to do so he meets weird characters like the marriage guru Vivah & the money lender Daya ? who collectively become responsible in sending fake proposals for the girl. Together they hunt for a guy who would be a puppet in Sunder?s hands & thus let the property become his. As both of them too have selfish interests in Sunderlal?s property.

But luck favors not, as all the puppets sent by them are bounced by a cleaver trick used by none other than Suman?s silent lover Shekhar. Shekhar knows the uncle?s plans & thus cunningly becomes responsible for the fiasco all the time. This game makes all the characters in the film suffer & go to extents to get their job done. This war between the two groups, lead to innumerable laughter filled situations & happenings in the lives of the characters involved.

What finally happens in this unique quest for money makes film entertainingly hilarious. This story is a complete package of raw humor and meaningful comedy with an equal doze of musical romance and soft emotions.

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