Dhai Akshar Prem Ke - 2000


Karan (Abhishek) is an army man who bumps into she of the exotic name, Sahiba (Aishwarya) and saves her from goons out to kill her. She has seen these chappies kill a friend of hers from the city hostel and now they wanna get her. After much drama and a fake suicide attempt, Abhishek plays Mr.Chivalry Reincarnated and offers to drop her home. (Sound familiar? Obviously! This one is A Walk In The Clouds)?
But, she cannot go home cos she has told her family members that she is already married in an attempt to ward off marriage. So, Karan brings her home after a song and dance and everyone at home thinks he is her husband. What fun! Knowing the idiotic characters in every Raj Kanwar filmi family, these outdo the ones in his last film, 'Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega.' Anyway, Sahiba falls in love with him but he is in love with Nisha (Sonali Bendre in another special appearance). In any case, all works out well after Nisha dumps Karan for a weirdo called Sam, Sahiba's friend's killer who is supposed to marry her is beaten up black and blue by Karan and Sahiba's pop changes his mind about Karan.

Cast & Crew

Raj Kanwar

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