Ekk Thee Sanam - 2013


Ekk Thee Sanam is a story of disloyalty within a beautiful bond of marriage. Rajesh and Sanam who lead a happy life together, get in a painter Goldie Singh as their paying guest.

Rajesh who often keeps travelling around the country for work leaves behind a lonely Sanam who is constantly in search for some excitement. The new paying guest Goldie once shoots an indecent video of Sanam and the woman gets furious over this perveted act. However giving in to her desires, she has an elicit affair with Goldie. Later, Rajesh becomes suspicious over his wife?s and friend?s changing behaviour confronts his maid Bijli who confirms their relationship. But that?s not it! A lot of shades that Bijli possess also comes to light with a new twist.

Cast & Crew

Monish Kaushal

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