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Failures are stepping stones to success but in case of our lead protagonist, Mr. Akhil Lokhande, every step towards success aims stones of failures towards him. An under-dog in each and every step of life who struggles to make ends meet by doing petty jobs He does all this to support his ailing father who is admitted in hospital for months, but Akhil overhears his father in the hospital explaining to a nurse that he has a passion for easy life so he pretends to be ill to achieve comforts, Akhil gets the biggest jolt when he hears his ?father? saying that Akhil is not his son.....and this ?father? had actually claimed him as his son in a train accident to gain more compensation from the government. Akhil gets to know that his real father is none other than the richest diamond merchant, ?Pannalal Johri? who had cheated his mother. An over excited Akhil goes to break this news to his pal ?Krishna? whereas his pal before hearing out Akhil, breaks the news that the multi millionaire tycoon ?Pannalal Johri? is dead, Akhil?s sadness is camouflaged with happiness as he comes to know that pannalal Johri has no heir and he would definitely be the ?official waaris? of the tycoon. Akhil breaks this news to his girlfriend?s father who on hearing Suddenly starts pampering and sugar coating Akhil as his ?jigar ka tukda?
With hatred for his father for betraying his mother, Akhil attends his father?s funeral and sheds crocodile tears but is all smiles from inside. Akhil gets the biggest jolt when the family lawyer informs him that his father has willed his entire wealth and property to his one and only faithful DOG.....Entertainment. Akhil cries his heart out to his friend who gives an idea of killing the dog as the dog was living Akhil?s life and Akhil living the life of a dog...

The plan to eliminate the dog is chalked out for which Akhil has to be close to the dog, so Akhil coaxes the family Lawyer to give him a job at his father?s place. The family lawyer appoints him as the caretaker of the dog. Akhil and his friend roll out plans to kill the dog in such a way that it appears like an accident but the dog in return turns out to be more intelligent than them.
Humans have 5 senses while Dogs have six, and this is proved in a series of events where Akhil and Krishna try to kill the Dog and fail miserably in each and every try.

During this chain of events where Akhil tries to eliminate the dog, we introduce a third force which are actually the far off relatives of Pannalal - The brothers- ?Karan-Arjun? who have their wicked pangs tagged on the wealth of Pannalal even prior to Akhil?s realization. This brother duo knowing that the dog?s life span is around twelve years, their bigger enemy is Akhil and they decide that it is more important to eliminate him. So what transpires are sequences where the dog is being planned to kill by Akhil and his friend while in turn Akhil and His friend are being planned to be killed by brother duo. At one point of time, brother duos are on the verge to execute Akhil when the dog plays an important part of a savior and saves Akhil. The incident gives Akhil a big emotional jolt, realizing ?inhumanity of human is returned by humanity of an animal? Akhil begs for forgiveness to the dog and leaves the place. The Brothers present a fake presentation in the court. The dog is thrown onto the streets where Akhil comes and joining hands with the dog like two heroes decide to take revenge from the two villains.

What follows next is the chain of events where the whole group Akhil, Saakshi, Krishna, Johnny & the Dog take the two brothers at task forms the balance part of the film....
Do Akhil and the gang succeed in taking revenge with the two wicked Villains Karan-Arjun...???
Does the Dog Die in the end....???
Who gets the inherited wealth.....???
The answers to all these questions form the balance part of the Film...

Cast & Crew

Sajid 1, Farhad
Ramesh S Taurani, Jayantilal Gada
Sajid 1, Farhad, K Subhash
Sachin, Jigar
Mayur Puri, Priya Panchal, Ashish Pandit

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