Fateh - 1991


Karan (Sanjay Dutt), Ranvir (Satyajeet Puri) and Salim (Mohsin Khan) serve in the army under Major Anand (Suresh Oberoi) who cares for them like a father. During "Operation Fateh" against weapon trader and drug smuggler Samrat (Paresh Rawal), Samrat has a narrow escape after having shot at the major and crippled him. Major Anand is forced to leave the army and opens a garage. Soon he gets in trouble with gangster Bablia (Dinesh Anand), a partner of Samrat?s, and during an encounter with Bablia?s henchmen, Samrat shoots the major.

Karan, Ranvir and Salim pay their last respects to the major, but as soon as they ask the people about the circumstances of the major?s death, they just meet fearful silence. So the three friends decide to detect and run down the murderer on their own initiative. As a sideline, Karan and Salim still find time to fall in love with Maria (Ekta Sohini) respective Sahira (Sonam). Via Bablia and dubious inspector Doshi (Shafi Inamdar), the friends by and by come closer to the truth...

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