Gayab - 2004


Once in a while almost everybody fantasizes about becoming invisible. And if a man, who has been rejected by everybody as a flunky and who has been subjugated in life, becomes invisible, it is quite natural that he wouldn?t do anything nice and straight.

Director Prawaal Raman?s Gayab tells the story of such a man. The protagonist of the movie is a young man named Vishnu Prasad (Tushar Kapoor).

Vishnu is a man of a mediocre personality and has ended up as a failure in life. He is very common, very inconspicuous and low on self-confidence. He doesn?t stand out in a crowd and there is nothing extraordinary about him.

His little world consists of a nagging mom (Rasika Joshi) and a timid dad (Raghuvir Yadav).

Vishnu craves like hell for the attention of the woman of his dreams (Antara Mali). Sadly she is not even aware of his existence.

The world is just a drag for Vishnu. It seems that nobody would even miss him if he were to disappear. But ironically, he finds himself becoming the center of attraction for all once becomes invisible.

Cast & Crew

Praval Raman
Varma Corp- K Serra

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