Girlfriend - 2004


It is a story about the possessiveness of one woman towards another.

Tanya (Isha Koppikar) and Sapna (Amrita Arora) are best of friends. They have been that way since college and they live together, enjoying life and making fun of guys who keep drooling over them.

So life goes on with fun and frolic for the two girls until Tanya has to go out of town on some official work. During these days Sapna meets Rahul (Ashish Choudhary) who pursues her and succeeds in winning her love. By the time Tanya returns, Sapna is head over heels in love with Rahul.

Her friend?s sudden falling in love with a stranger makes Tanya feel very insecure. She reacts very strongly to the coming of Rahul in Sapna?s life.

Suddenly Tanya finds herself feeling jealous and possessive for Sapna. She can?t stand the idea of losing her friend to some one else. Her emotions find a release in the very first meeting with Sapna?s lover. She even goes to the extent of breaking their relationship.

But what name should be given to Tanya?s feelings for Sapna. Is it the mere friendliness towards a companion or is there something deeper?

Cast & Crew

Karan Razdan
Pammi Baweja
Daboo Malik

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