Hahakaar - 1996


Police Inspector Saeed Rehman (Aloknath) is an honest police officer in the city?s police force. As he continued to work without accepting any bribes, he became a liability to some of his colleagues, including Inspector N.A. Pradhan (Shafi Inamdar), who frames him for a crime Saeed did not commit and gets him dismissed from the police force. Saeed vows to avenge this humiliation, and enlists the help of Rakesh (Akshay Anand), who in turn enlists the aid of his beloved, Amita (Chandni). During the course of trying to expose Inspector Pradhan, they come across the real kingpin behind Pradhan, names the notorious Raunakbhai (Paresh Rawal). And nothing comes in the way of Raunakbhai, as Saeed, Rakesh, and Amita will soon find out, as he has incriminating evidence against the Chief Minister of the State, as well as other dignitaries. (IMDB)

Cast & Crew

Sudarshan Ratam
Sudarshan Ratam, Vishwa Rattan
Bappi Lahiri

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