Hogaya Dimaagh Ka Dahi - 2015


HOGAYA DIMAGH KA DAHI, is a general phrase that we all use to refer something that makes no sense. This phrase is totally applicable on certain section of the youth who are pampered, spoilt and is not serious about their future life. And for parents, it becomes a challenge to handle such mischievous but talented youth.

The movie is a satire in the comedy genre. It s a story about relationships where life s mantra can be taught through experiences. The plot is tailored around the Tom and Jerry concept having 5 Tom s and 3 Jerry s in the movie, preying each other s life.

The characters in the movie are put into complicated yet humorous situations where they run, chase, fall and again get-up in life and in doing so, understands life.

Cast & Crew

Fauzia Arshi
Santosh Bhartiya, Fauzia Arshi
Fauzia Arshi, Santosh Bhartiya
Fauzia Arshi
Shabbir Ahmed, Ravi Chopra, Allama Iqbal, Amir Khusro

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