Hum To Mohabbat Karega - 2000


Raju is a waiter in a popular hotel. He is in love with Geeta (Karisma Kapoor), a famous news anchor. He is obsessed with her news segment. His big dream is to meet and marry her one day. He is assigned to feed the hotel customers, and meets Mr. Desai who is also staying in his hotel. On his way out of Mr Desai's hotel room, he sees an unknown stranger named Ketu (Shakti Kapoor) going into his room. By the time Raju gets on the bottom floor, he sees blood dripping down from the top, and sees Mr Desai lying dead on the side of his room window. To investigate the murder, is assigned to Geeta who comes to the hotel to interview people. Raju is dying to meet her, and the only chance to meet his love, is to lie. Besides, she is engaged to her channel's head Rohit (Rohit Roy).

When Raju lies to her and says he witnessed the murder. The unknown killer then decides to kill him to and begins to hunt for Raju. Meanwhile, Geeta is also looking for her brother Vikram (Raj Zutshi), and to get all the information she can get to find him, she seeks help from an convict named Gul Hassan (Rajendra Tiwari) who was innocent, but still framed for illegal money-making by Mafia. Vikram was trying to help Gul Hassan prove his innocence, but was kidnapped by the Mafia also. Then, Gul escaped from jail. Raju decides to help Geeta even at the cost of his life, but Geeta learns his truth and leaves him. When he looks for Geeta, he is unknown that Mafia and Police Force are all after him.

Meanwhile, Gul Hassan is mysteriously murdered. Geeta and Raju meet after this murder scene, and decide to get back together and look for the murderer who is a part of Mafia. Soon enough, Raju is also kidnapped just like Vikram by the Mafia. The Mafia force him into being part of them, and a gangster. Raju also pretends to go along with them, and pretends to be part of them. However, when he goes to meet Geeta, the Mafia understand he was acting the whole way, and plan to kill him. Geeta rescues him, and Raju tells her the directions she needs to drive to escape from them. For some random reason, Raju knows everything there is in that village. May it be a river, motorboat or a monk's house, he knows it all. When Geeta asks him how he knows it, he tells her that she used to live there with him somehow.

Disregarding this, Raju steals diamonds from Mr Desai's special locker, with the help of Geeta. But soon enough, Geeta finds he has disappeared with all the diamonds and was actually a part of the Mafia all along. Geeta realizes this, cries and walks out of his life. But when she leaves, it is revealed that he only acted like he was part of them because the rest of the Mafia had kidnapped his friend Kutty (Johnny Lever) and his girlfriend Vishali. Geeta and Rohit (her news channel's head) are about to get married, but before the marriage, Raju shows up and gives her proof that Rohit is actually the killer. He has also shot her brother Vikram. He wanted to make new TV news channels and in order for that, he needed the diamonds Mr Desai had, and Mr Desai's real name was actually Patel.

Vikram found out about Rohit's plans, and was going to tell the media. But just before, Rohit murdered and hid Vikram and Gul Hassan's daughter. That is the reason Gul Hassan wanted to meet Geeta to tell her that Rohit is the murderer. Rohit is going to force Geeta to marry him, but Raju jumps in and rescues her. Raju and Geeta then record the Mafia and Rohit at the counterfeit notes were being made, giving a live feed. Raju with the Police Force surrounds the whole Mafia, and arrest them. However, Rohit takes Geeta and runs away. Raju chases after them, but Rohit is waiting around the corner. Once Raju runs inside, Rohit shoots him and Raju collapses. Rohit is just about to kill Geeta, but Raju comes back and throws him off the top of the factory they were inside.

In the end, Raju is rewarded a chance to work with the news channel Geeta works with, and the two arrange for their marriage.

Cast & Crew

Kundan Shah
K P Singh
Kundan Shah, Ranjit Kapoor
Anu Malik
Majrooh Sultanpuri

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