I Don't Luv U - 2013


I Don't Luv U focuses on the youth of today - the fun loving and frivolous lot, who are extremely casual in their relationships & do not want to delve into the intricacies of true love, commitments and fidelity. It is a blend of light hearted witty moments as well as harsh unforeseen realities of life.

Yuvaan, a young handsome boy and Aayra a beautiful NRI girl are just like any other teenager of this generation, who want to experience their life by getting together in a relationship? They are willing to go through the most beautiful and much needed feeling called ?THE FEELING OF LOVE?. Without realizing what they are doing in the heat of adolescence and the curiosity of discovering each other closely. They end up into an uncontrollable and devastating ugly situation which shatters their life completely. Will Yuvaan fight back with circumstances to get his love and life back on track?

I Don't Luv U also lay emphasis on the potential role of media in a common man?s life. It elucidates that if misuse of media can jeopardizes commoner?s life, at the same time, if used judiciously, it can act as savior.

Cast & Crew

Amit Kasaria
Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma
Amit Kasaria
Aman-Benson, Amit Kasaria
Dr. Pallavi Mishra, Amit Kasaria, Amir Khusro, Swapnil Shikha

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