I Proud To Be An Indian - 2004


The film is about an Indian, I (Sohail Khan), who is migrates to London with his father (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), to stay with his older brother (Aasif Sheikh) and his family as they had migrated few years ago.

I [Sohail Khan] and his father [Kulbhushan Kharbanda] migrate to London to stay with I's elder brother [Aasif Sheikh] and his family. Once in London, I discovers that the Asian families are living a terrified life thanks to the local skinheads. The dreaded Cane [Tim Lawrence], the leader of the skinheads, believes that their country England is being taken over by the Asian community. They are led by a psychopath called Cane (Tim Lawrence) who is 6ft 4in. These guys believe that their country, England is being taken over by the Asian community and so they want to rid themselves of them. They hate any skin colour other than white and feel that non-British people have no right to stay in England, particularly the Asians. Sohail has to stand up for the Asians and fight for their rights. He gets into a fight with some of them and beats them up. When Ted comes to know about this, he sends more goons to retaliate and the problem escalates beyond control.

Suhail also falls in love with Aslam's sister Noor (Heena Tasleem). When Suhail hears about Imran's murder by Cane, he gets furious and challenges Ted to take him one on one. In typical "Lagaan" style, they decided that if Ted is the last man standing, the Asians will walk out of their land and if Suhail wins, the skinheads would stop harassing the Asians.

Cast & Crew

Puneet Sira
Sohail Khan
Daboo Malik, K.C.Loy and Xinc

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