Identity Card - 2014


Exploring a new facet of Kashmir, Identity Card tackles problems related to this place with sensitivity presenting a different picture of civilians, STF and the 'terrorists'.

An ambitious journalist Nazia Siddiqui (Tia Bajpai) visits Kashmir with the idea of making a documentary along with the help of her Kashmiri friend Ajay (Furqan Merchant). Lending them a helping hand is the local guide Raju (Shoib Kazmi). As they re-discover the beauty of Kashmir, they get trapped in the hands of STF force, who are taken away by the authorities for not carrying an identity card that are usually owned by citizens of Kashmir. During the interrogation, Raju is physically and mentally tortured so that he admits of being a terrorist, while the other two are still trying to escape from the clutches of the STF authorities.

Cast & Crew

Rahat Kazmi
Rahat Kazmi, Sanjay Amar, Zeba Sajid
Sanjay Amar
Raja Ali

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