Insaaf - 2004


The flick revolves around a law professor Avinash (Vinod Khanna). He is knowledgeable and qualified in his profession. On his first day of work he is caught cheating and he gets on the wrong side of some ego headed student who later harasses his blind sister. On beating him up Avinash loses his job and is even sentenced to 6 days imprisonment. He learns his mother is very ill and needs money for her operation. He runs into Agnihotri (Suresh Oberoi)- a big time drug lord and underworld don. There he also meets Sonia (Dimple Kapadia) who he falls in love with.

Avinash accepts the offer to work with Agnihotri but is against one of his major fields, prostitution. Agnihotri hasty towards Avinash?s reluctance has a fall out with him. Avinash?s "zameer" calls him and he decides to join hands with the police to bring Agnihotri.

On his marriage night Agnihotri finds out that Avinash is a traitor and Agnihotri?s younger brother Dillip (Dalip Tahil) attempts to rape Sonia who latter commits suicide. Is that the end? No, far from it- the flick takes a whole new twist now as Avinash kills Dillip and is about to be jailed. He escapes jail by pretending he has lost his memory after a crash. The lady doctor taking care of him is Sarita (Dimple again), who happens to be Sonia?s twin sister. How Avinash joins hands with the police for the second time and gets appointed an ACP as he gets revenge forms the crux of the movie.

The film?s story sounds like a mish-mash and convoluted plot and it is just like that! Writer K.K Shukla has given a mediocre effort in terms of story, and instead of forming a film about justice, as the title suggests, it turns into a run of the mill actioneer!

Cast & Crew

Shrey Shrivastav
Mohammed Fasih
Nikhil - Vinay

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