Jab Dil Kisi Pe Aata Hai - 1996


Satyanarain & Laxmi bring up an orphan girl Bhavani from her childhood. Bhavani worships Satyanarain Bhayya & Mahalaxmi (Laxmi). Bhavani's Marriage is fixed. Satyanarian, his wife and his whole family prepared to marry Bhavani in a grand way. At the last moment, without telling her brother and bhabhi, Bhavani runs away from the Marriage Mandap and gets and married to her lover Prasad. It is great Shock to the entire family of Satyanarain. This becomes the issue for enimity between Prasad and Satyanarain. Satyanarian and his family shift to Hyderabad. Twenty years pass Bhavani is the mother of three daughters. She names the eldest daughter Mahalaxmi (Tabu) after the name of her beloved Bhabi. But at home everybody calls her "CHEEKU". Cheeku hates this name. When other boys call her Cheeku she becomes very infuriated. Satyanarain has a son and a daughter. Son's name is RAJU (Nagarjuna) Raju is a very pleasesant, friendly and a naughty young man. In Hyderabad Satyanarain's family and Moorthis family are very close to each other.

So much so they have similar bunglow's in the same compound. Cheeku comes to Hyde rabad for pilot's training and stays in Moorti's bunglow. The most beautiful part in the families of Satyanarain and Moorti is that father and son, mother and daughter, elder brother and younger brother, uncle and nephew are first friends and then relations. They tease each other they joke with each other and there is no secret amongst themselves. With her sweet and friendly nature, Cheeku becomes the darling of bothfamilies. At this stage Satyanarain does not know that Cheeku is the daughter of Prasad. Raju teases Cheeku by calling her Cheeku number of times. Naturally Cheeku retaliates most violently. But this teasing game becomes the starting point of their romance. Then one fateful Prasad and Bhavani lead in Hyderabad to meet their daughter. Seeing Cheeku being so friendly with the family of Satyanarain he comes very angry

Cast & Crew

Krishna Vamsi
Sandeep Chowta

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