JD - 2017


JD (Lalit Bisht) is a journalist who believes in honest news reporting. His uncle Diwakar (Govind Namdeo) is a politician who helps JD in securing a job in a newspaper's office. He suggests JD to start a newspaper and also invests money. But soon JD realizes Diwakar has invested in his newspaper to serve his ulterior motive as a politician. An agitated JD exposes his uncle in his own newspaper. Angered by the expose, Diwakar seeks revenge. He tells his secretary Noor (Vedita Pratap Singh) to get JD framed in a rape case. Noor plants Melaine (Rina Charaniya) who works in JD's office, to spike JD's drink. Melaine then accuses JD of raping her. How JD succeeds in getting out of this case forms the rest of the film.

Cast & Crew

Jaan Nissar Lone, Monty Sharma
Anju Pandey
Jaan Nissar Lone, Monty Sharma
Vijay Kumar

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