Joru Ka Ghulam - 2000


The story begins with Raja (Govinda) and Kanaiya (Johny Lever) pretending to be customs officials. Their modus operandi consists of catching hold of unsuspecting arrivals and planting a packet of salt in their baggage. They then confuse the victim claiming that it is drugs. To save himself, the victim then agrees to let go of all his possessions and the conmen exit quickly.?

Unfortunately, one fine day they nab a real drug smuggler who works for Anna (Ashish Vidhyarthi). In the chaos that follows the two unwittingly manage to hand the criminal over to the police. But when Anna finds out, he chases them off and the duo land in amchi Mumbai. And immediately begin their 'custom officials' business here too. Their first victim, however, turns out to be Raju Patel (Ashgar Ali) who has come to India to marry Dhaneshwar Seth's (Kader Khan) daughter (Twinkle Khanna).?

When Govinda, dressed in Raju's clothes steps out of the airport, he (along with Johny Lever) is mistaken for Raju Patel and taken home by Dhaneshwar Seth who is a wealthy man. On learning that Dhaneshwar has announced that he will give Rs 5 crore to each bridegroom who will marry his five daughers, Govinda and Johny decide to 'clean up' their act and dupe Dhaneshwar by walking off with all the tijori ka maal. However, Twinkle and her mischievous sisters have become veterans at scaring off prospective bridegrooms. How Govinda tames the shrew (Twinkle) and even gets her sisters married off forms the rest of the story. To say that Govinda himself reforms, would be stating the obvious.

Cast & Crew

Shakeel Noorani
Shakeel Noorani
Aadesh Srivastav

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