Joshilay - 1989


The film revolved around two men Karan (Anil Kapoor) and Daara (Sunny Deol). Both were wronged by Yogi Thakur (Rajesh Vivek) and his partner Raja Singh (Kulbhushan Karbandha). Daara was separated from his family and left near a circus where he was brought up and Karan?s family was murdered in front of him. After Yogi and Raja rob a village they are nabbed by the police. In the chase Raja betrays Yogi and hands him over to the police running away with the loot himself.

Twenty years later, Raja Singh has become Raja Saab, a dreaded ruler of many village and a respected man. Daara and Karan are both grown men now thirsting for revenge. Where Daara is the fun and witty type Karan is the silent and angry type. Yogi Thakur is also released from jail and thirsts revenge against Raja. The twists incurs when Daara wants Yogi Thakur alive to find about who his parents were and Karan wants Yogi Thakur dead.

Cast & Crew

Sibte Hasan Rizvi, Shekhar Kapur
Sibte Hasan Rizvi
R. D. Burman

Joshilay Movie - Songs

Dhak Dhak Jiya Kare

Dhar Dham Chak Lag Gayi

Joshilaay Shah Jaade Hain ...

Na Ja Jaane Ja

O Dhola Dhol Manjira Baje

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