Kairee - 2000


Shilpa Navalkar plays Taani mausi, a young, disillusioned married lady, whose niece comes to live with her, post her parents death. Yogita Deshmukh plays the orphaned girl child. The girl tries to adjust to a new lifestyle with her aunt, who is facing problems in her married life, thanks to a brute for a husband (Mohan Gokhale). Taani, despite a troubled life does her best to retain the innocence of the girl's life, in a world of peacocks and raw mangoes, even as she struggles to have her oblivious to the cruelties of life. Almost as if she were living her own childhood through her. She attends a new school with only guys for classmates and makes new friends. The brightest of the lot, she is also the most popular. In the end, though Taani sends her back to her brother's place after which she never sees her again. The girl, though grows up to become a writer.

Cast & Crew

Amol Palekar
Ministry of health and family welfare
Bhaskar Chandavarkar

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