Karz - 2002


Suraj (Sunny Deol) is abandoned by his mom at a young age and turns to an indulgent lifestyle for solace. He is a hot-tempered, angry young man (surprise surprise) who drowns his woes in alcohol. All this changes when he meets his dream girl, aptly named Sapna (Shilpa Shetty). Although Suraj?s character doesn?t really learn anything about Sapna?s personality, he falls madly in love with her. And this inspires him to become a better person. How sweet.

Of course umpteen plot twists and obstacles await Suraj. To begin with, he is tongue-tied when it comes to declaring his love for Sapna. He befriends her, but the relationship refuses to take off from there. To complicate things, a friend of Suraj?s, Raj (Suneil Shetty) turns out to be Sapna?s boyfriend.

Raj is the scion of a wealthy family but has renounced his home because his family wanted him to marry a woman he didn?t love. Suraj gets worried and angry when he realizes Raj?s girlfriend is none other than Sapna. Suraj sees Raj as a rich playboy, who will only keep Sapna around until he gets tired of her, and then move on to another pretty face.

Suraj begins actively antagonizing the couple and tries to tear them apart. Raj can?t take it anymore and reveals to Suraj the truth about why his parents abandoned him.

One fine day, Suraj finds his mother at a high-society gathering and he falls apart when he overhears her speaking to her friends about her "one-and-only" son Raj. Although he?s been virtually home-less all his life, he scoots over to the nearest piano and perfectly renders the lullaby his mom used to sing to him when he was a child. He then confronts his mother and begins to uncover the buried secrets of his family.

Cast & Crew

Harry Baweja
Kaushal Godha
Sanjeev Darshan
Sameer, Abbas

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