Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha - 1997


The Indian police force suspect psychiatrist, Sapna Mathur when one of their most competent officer gets murdered but they are unable to press charges on her as there are insufficient evidence thus IG Suryakant Verma decides to call in CBI officer Karan Saxena to act mentally unfit so that he can be under her care which will open opportunities for them to grab evidences that will incarcerate her.

By doing so both Karan and Sapna starts to fall in love with each other; at the right moment Karan not only manages to gather evidence but get a taped confession from Sapna. The case is then called up in court whereby Sapna is sentenced with the death penalty.

But Karan suspects foul play and decides to investigate further so that he can bring the real culprit to justice only to further endanger his and his beloved, Sapna's life.

Cast & Crew

Partho Ghosh
Kamlesh Doshi, Rakesh Roshan

Kaun Sachcha Kaun Jhootha Movie - Songs

Aadha Chand Aadhi Raat

Chhal Kiya Tu Na Jaane

Chanchal Hawaon Se

Dil Se Judi Dil

Hum Do Deewane

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