Khamoshh - 2005


'Khamoshh...' is a gruesome, jumbled crime thriller that provides nothing but a new definition to mental harassment in movie theatres.

The biggest suspense about the film - what's the serene and lovely Juhi Chawla doing, sporting reading glasses and trying earnestly to look like a criminal psychologist?

No, not that they're a rare breed in Hindi films. But she brings a kind of mellowness the shrieking proceedings simply don't deserve.

Then there is Shilpa Shetty, last seen giving a rousing and sensitive performance in "Phir Milenge".

Here, she's back to doing what she's best known for - wriggling her posterior and making a 101 faces into the camera.

In "Khamoshh...", Shilpa plays a prostitute who hitches a ride with Rajeev Singh, who plays the secretary to a music-video floozy (Rakhi Sawant) who gets bumped off midway.

Cast & Crew

Deepak Tijori
Tijori Films
Sanjay Chel

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