Kranti - 2002


The film revolves around Awadesh Pratap Singh (Vinod Khanna), an honest Commissioner of Police who follows the law word for word according to the book. His son Abhay Pratap Singh (Bobby Deol) is the A.C.P who shares the same goal as his father but he operates on a different level all together. He believes in the policy of "No F.I.R, No Arrest, No Talk...Faisla On The Spot." With that policy he shoots first and asks questions later. This always has him loggerheads with his father.

Enter a wealthy enemy in the form of a arrogant businessman Rana Pratap (Kabir Bedi). His aim is to cause havoc and wreck destruction upon India with a terrorist (Raj Zutsi) from the neighbouring country. Abhay becomes Rana?s enemy and attempts to stop him, which involves taking the law into his own hands. When Rana realises that Abhay will trouble him at every turn he gets him arrested for crimes he has not committed and frames him in a murder case. How Abhay gets out of jail and proves to his father that his way of dishing out justice is the "right" way is what forms the crux of the movie.

Cast & Crew

Naresh Malhotra
Vivek Kumar
Anand Bakshi

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