Laal Kaptaan - 2019


In the late 18th century, a Naga Sadhu (in that period naga sadhu clan was often called as Gossain) goes on a killing spree in a quest to find his archenemy Rohilla chieftain Rahmat Khan (currently in charge of Munerghah), who has run away with his begum and army after looting treasure of overlord Raja Hukum Singh Bundhela (The looted treasure is chauth due to Maratha peshwa Sawai Madhavrao) and killing all the subjects. In the meanwhile, a tracker helps a rival, whom Gossain left half-blinded in an attack, find Gossain. In the ensuing fight, Gossain kills the rival and his army but is himself wounded. He manages to reach Rahmat Khan's palace where a widow rescues him, feeds and accompanies him on his vengeance trail. Gossain doesn't want her to accompany him, but after some men threaten her, he kills one of them and allows her till the Yamuna River. On the other hand, the tracker joins forces with the Marathas to help them track Rahmat Khan in exchange for 20 gold coins. The next morning, the commander remains asleep due to which the captain and the tracker are accompanied by a group of Pindaris. Gossain and the widow then meet with the former's Naga Guru who tries to convince him not to continue with the revenge spree. Gossain reveals that six years ago, in Banda he saved Rahmat Khan and his wife from an dacoit attack before revealing his intention to kill Rahmat Khan. After that, Gossain couldn't find him. The tracker, the captain and Pindaris find the corpse of a man killed by Gossain while saving the widow but it turns out useless when the Pindaris try to loot the corpse and distort it. After departing, Gossain and the widow locate Rahmat Khan and his army. During night, Gossain tries to attack Rahmat Khan but is captured, and the widow is revealed to have betrayed him.

The widow turns out to be Rahmat Khan's concubine, who also gave birth to his son now under his begum's possession. The tracker leads the captain and Pindaris to the spot where Rahmat Khan and his friend Adam Khan are meeting a British East India Company official Theodore Munroe. Excited due to greed, the Pindaris try to attack them but retreat when a few of them are killed by the British guns. A tortured Gossain reveals a man named Sadullah Khan sent him, a name that surprises Rahmat Khan. At night, the tracker, the captain and Pindaris and joined by other Maratha soldiers sent by their commander Mahadaji Shinde. Gossain attacks the British official, following which Rahmat Khan tries to blind him but stops when the Marathas attack them. The widow escapes with the child and Gossain survives the attack but promises to return. He refuses to trust the widow who betrayed him for the sake of her child. As a result, she is captured and the queen is killed by Rahmat Khan when she insults his child. Gossain is now joined by the tracker who was left unpaid by the Marathas. Gossain reveals that 25 years ago in Buxar, various Indians gathered to plot the East India Company's defeat. Sadullah Khan was among them, but betrayed by his son Rahmat Khan who was joined by Adam Khan. Sadullah Khan was hanged until death and so was his younger son who left Rahmat Khan scarred in a violent attack.

Back to present, Rahmat Khan kills Adam Khan believing him to be conspiring against his child. Soon, the tracker attacks both the British and Rahmat Khan's forces with the help of improvised rockets. The British flee, while Gossain himself emerges out of the river and attacks the people on board. He jumps into the water along with Rahmat Khan, before the tracker fires another rocket and the boat explodes. The widow and her child survive. The Marathas arrive and the tracker departs after informing them of the treasure's sinking along with the boat. Before hanging Rahmat Khan, Gossain reveals himself to be his brother who didn't die despite being hanged due to putting in his throat a bullet given by an older Gossain. He was found alive and taken in by the Naga Sadhus. Before being hanged, Rahmat Khan tells him his son would his avenge him in the future. The dying widow hands over her child to Gossain, who takes him and flees away.


Cast & Crew

Navdeep Singh
Aanand. L. Rai, Sunil A Lulla
Samira Koppikar
Sahib, Saurabh Jain, Puneet Sharma

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