Mast - 1999


Kittu (Aftab), a final year student from Pune, is a very happy go lucky guy. He has a cute sister, a doting mother, a caring father and ... just on problem: He is in love with film star Malika (Urmila). His obsession for her doesn?t stop with just having her pin-up posters stuck across his walls or to go to watch her films first day first show. It reaches a point where he treats her poster like a personen and starts conversing with it.

Inevitably this affects his studies and he flunks his exams. His father becomes wild with rage and in a fit of tempter he tears up the posters in Kittu?s room. For Kittu this amounts to murder as it is not just a poster, it?s Malika. Completely heartbroken he leaves home, gets into a train and lands up in Mumbai. Unable to know what to do, he goes to her bunglow. There?s a cafe besides her bunglow in which he lands a job.

Now coming to Malika, the actress. She is nothing like what he imagines her to be. She is a simple child like person who lost her parents and is completely exploited by her evil uncle and his family. When Kittu comes to know about her grim reality, his heart goes out to her. A series of incidents lead to a point where he can?t bear the goings on anymore and in a dramatic sequence he convinces her to run away with him.

Kittu soon realises that he has a film star with him on the run and her face is easily recognizable. He realises also that very soon he will have to keep her in a safe haven as the police is looking out for her all over the place. In the course of all this he slowly starts discovering the real person inside the star Malika. She on the other hand feels like a bird, who has escaped from a golden cage ans she finds in Kittu a joy of life, which she never knew existed.

Now follows a series of sequences with the police hunting for them, his friends and family worried to death and Kittu going mad trying to hide her. All this leads to an emotionally charged climax.

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