Miya Biwi Aur Saali - 1996


In a small rural town live Akheela and her family, consisting of her submissive and mousy husband, her brother, Gokunath, and two daughters. Her elder daughter, Shivani, studies in the city college, and her younger one lives with her. Shivani meets with a cheeky fellow collegian and decides to teach him a lesson - which lands him in jail. Karan swears to avenge this humiliation. One day while Akheela is traveling by car she is stopped by a town-member, who would like his son to marry Shivani. Akheela is angered at this, but unable to defend herself. Karan comes to her rescue, thus earning her gratitude. Karan endears himself with all of Shivani's family members, and even extracts a promise from Akheela that she will get him married to Shivani. When Shivani returns home, she is angered to find that her mother has chosen Karan as her husband. The marriage takes place, and Shivani hopes that things will get better between them. It is then she finds out that Karan really seems to be ...

Cast & Crew

A. Kondandarami Reddy

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