Motichoor Chaknachoor - 2019


MOTICHOOR CHAKNACHOOR is a love story of two neighbours. Anita aka Annie (Athiya Shetty) resides in Bhopal and her only aim in life is to marry an NRI and settle abroad. However when she meets prospective grooms, she makes her demand clear and moreover she is bigmouthed. As a result, she gets rejected and in some cases, she rejects when she finds out that the guy is not going to move to foreign shores. Meanwhile, Pushpender Tyagi (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) has just returned from Dubai after a hiatus. He stays with his family in the house next to that of Annie. Pushpender falls for Annie instantly but Annie doesn't show interest. Just like Annie, even Pushpender wants to get hitched desperately.

When an overweight girl agrees to marry him, he gives his nod though he doesn't have feelings for her. Pushpender is 36 and he feels that he is way past the age where he can reject any girl. Hence he reluctantly accepts the proposal. Annie meanwhile gives up after rejecting and getting rejected. With no option in hand, her maternal aunt (Karuna Pandey) advises Annie to woo Pushpender. After all, even Pushpender works in Dubai, also a foreign place. Annie hence tries to serenade Pushpender. She tries to first break off his alliance with the overweight girl but her efforts prove futile.

Thankfully for Annie, Pushpender's mother (Vibha Chibber) calls off the alliance when the to-be-bride's family refuses to pay dowry. Annie then straightaway tells Pushpender that she wishes to marry him. Pushpender is overjoyed but Annie is a bit reluctant as she can't pay the kind of dowry that his mother is asking for. Pushpender promises Annie that he won't ask for a single paisa and both get married on the same day! The families obviously are shocked but they relent eventually. Annie is extremely happy as her dream of marrying an NRI is fulfilled. However, Pushpender has a secret that can prove disastrous for Annie. What happens next forms the rest of the film.

Cast & Crew

Debamitra Biswal
Rajesh Bhatia, Kiran Bhatia
Ramji Gulati, Arjuna Harjai, Amjad-Nadeem, Siddharth Amit Bhavsar, Bharath - Hitarth
Kumaar, Siddharth Amit Bhavsar, Bharat Menaria

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