Murder - 2004


The film begins with a picture perfect image off a small family of Sudhir [Ashmit Patel], his wife Simran [Mallika Sherawat] and their son Kabir. They are settled in Bangkok where Sudhir is completely engrossed in his business. As Sudhir goes about chasing his dream of making it big in the corporate world, his wife Simran begins to feel ignored. Her life is turning drab and passing each day is becoming a matter of killing time.

One day Simran bumps into her ex-boyfriend Sunny [Emraan Hashmi]. A rainy encounter with a beau from yesteryears only brings back memories of the past when Simran and Sunny were in love but could not get married. Then, they had each other. Now, they both are lonely.

Together alone, Sunny and Simran are inevitably drawn towards each other. The flame of passion that had been doused a long time back suddenly ignites again and the two cannot control crossing the forbidden limits. With their adultery consummated, a wedge appears in Simran?s feelings for her husband.

Meanwhile, Sudhir is not a fool to not see the change in his wife?s behavior. He begins to sense that she is hiding something from him. So he hires a detective to spy on Simran. And the revelations of the detective only bring forth the ugly truth about Simran?s infidelity. Sudhir is simply shattered.

He had been working hard to give a better life to his wife and son, but what use of such earnings when wife feels neglected and goes about sleeping with someone else. Ultimately, Sudhir decides to confront Sunny. But this meeting will change the course of entire story

Cast & Crew

Anurag Basu
Mahesh Bhatt
Anu Malik
Sayeed Quadri, Rahat Indori

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