Muskurake Dekh Zara - 2010


MUSKURAKE DEKH ZARA is a story of a young 'boy man' named Vivek. It's astory of simple emotions and disappointments of love and life. Vivek (Hero) has an 'upright' attitude, and ability to put people in their place and add lightness into moody and mundane situations not only when he interacts with his life's love Preeti (Heroine) but also when he encounters and jests with the simple, funny and harmless folks like the eccentric live in DLT (Duniya Lal Tripati), the 'badnaseeb'hotel manager Khaatkar, the curious curio shop owner Elton, the heroine's eternally inebriated Chaacha who feels that one's 'spirit' can be derived only from downing spirits. The film's lighter moments beautifully intersperse with the hero's portrayal of a character of depth.

An incident of embarrassment drives Vivek from his hometown to Mumbai where he falls in love with Preeti. His leadership qualities and unusual understanding of situations makes his friends look up to him. It is his wonderful ability to reason that wins him the love of Preeti and finally put the villain Prakash Raj at bay. In MDZ, it's not just love and disappointment but the fresh way they are handled that makes the film unique. With presence and not prejudice of the mind, Vivek deals with life's various and varied situations as they happen to him. This Love and Laughter story is propped up by excellent comedy tracks and songs. Muskurake Dekh Zara?.. Is A JOY OF LIFE?.. It is Hearty Entertainment at its best?.. Som Shekar

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