Paap Ka Ant - 1989


Advocate Jyoti practices law in Bombay High Court, romances Deputy Commissioner of Police Khanna, and both plan to marry soon. While investigating a triple homicide, Khanna?s investigation take him to conclude that the murders were committed by Vikram and a gangster named Shakaal. He arrests both of them and holds them for a Court hearing. Before the hearing, Khanna gets killed, and the evidence is over-turned in Court, which lets both the accused go free.

Jyoti is enraged by this, and decides to teach Vikram and Shakaal a lesson. She finds out that Vikram is Minister Prajapati?s son, and Shakaal is also linked with this politician. She decides to go public against Prajapati, and as a result she and her sister, Nisha, are abducted and Nisha is gang-raped by Shakaal and his men. After her rape, Nisha is devastated and cannot live a normal life. Jyoti must now decide to avenge Khanna?s death as well as the rape and abduction of Nisha or else re-locate and somehow try to put their lives

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