Page 3 - 2005


'Page 3' is an unsuccessful attempt to look into the lives of the rich and famous. It takes potshots at the so-called upper section of society comprising of the city's who's who! Gay fashion designers, wannabe models and actors, social workers, socialites, and social climbers.

Ultimately the film focuses on the corruption present in the media- how editorial is determined by the advertising capacities of people and how scoops are dropped for reasons personal or monetary. The director may have thought it to be a brilliant subject but we wonder who would want to watch a film of this nature especially when it showcases all socialites as ugly middle aged people. Definitely not the media who is conversant with the page 3 culture and its people as well as with the workings of a newspaper.

Although 'Page 3' does showcase the dual personalities of people, one must add that the film is an exaggerated view of things. All page 3 parties and people are not as bad as portrayed in the film. And wouldn't a struggling actress know what it involves when a top star wants to sleep with her! Where does the bit about her trying to commit suicide creep in? If hard-hitting means exposing the bit where rich men indulge in sex abuse of children, then come again! It hasn't quite registered in that one scene towards the fag end of the film.

Cast & Crew

Madhur Bhandarkar
Bobby Pushkarna
Shamir Tandon
Sandeep Nath, Ayay Jhingran

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