Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani - 2000


It's a story about how the common man (Paresh Raval) gets entangled in the clutches of powerful politicians. Ajay Bakshi (Shah Rukh Khan) and Ria Banerji (Juhi Chawla) work for two rival TV channels. Both want to outdo each other and prove that he/she is the best.

After various attempts at deceit, pampering and manipulation, they fall in love. Meanwhile, Mohan Joshi (who is the common man in the film) enters their lives after killing Maganlal Gupta (Mahavir Shah) because the latter had raped Mohan's daughter Kavita. The wronged Mohan is put in jail, but manages to escape and meets the journalists Ajay and Ria. He convinces them that he acted the way he did to mete out justice.

On the other hand, Ramakant Dua (Shakti Kapoor - who has plans to become the CM) and the present CM Mushran (Govind Namdev) engage in a vicious battle for power. They label Mohan as a terrorist and plan to hang him. The channels too agree to telecast it live while pocketing crores of ad money. Ajay and Ria find themselves out of the game and vow to bring the truth to the Indian masses and to save Mohan.

Cast & Crew

Aziz Mirza
Sanjeev Chawla
Javed Akhtar

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