Prem - 1995


Prem follows Karan-Arjun with another reincarnation-based movie. Sanjay Kapoor (Shantanu and Sanjay) is okay in his first movie. Tabu (Lachi and Sonya) is good-looking and a future top-notch actress. Her dances are excellent also. Deepak Tijori (Vicram) is okay in his short role. Aruna Irani does a good job as Sonya's mother. The rest of the cast does a satisfactory job as the villians and heros of the story.

Shantanu (the past life of Sanjay) is a rebel against the Englishmen in the 1930s or 40s. He kills two soilders, and then is running away from them. While he sits under a tree he hears something and walks toward it. He sees a girl (Lachi, the past life of Sonya) who is the daughter of the king of a tribe and immediately falls in love with her. Both of them spot a cobra somewhere in the middle of them. Sanjay goes for his sword, but Lachi mentions for him to stop and she does a 'dance' to hypnotise the snake and trap it. This scene is one of the best in the movie. As Shantanu continues to run away from the Englishmen, he gets involved with trying to somehow get married to Lachi. He proves that he loves Lachi to the king, but on their way to their honeymoon they are shot by the Englishmen.

They are reincarnated as Sanjay, the son of a above middle-class family and Sonya, the daughter of a really rich ramily. Sanjay's parents are looking for the right girl for him to marry, but Sanjay doesn't want to marry any of the ones that they picked. As soon as he sees Sonya, he knows who she is. He has to try to make Sonya remember her past life.

After trying desperately, he finally does when he is getting beat up, Sonya then realizes that who he actually is. The rest of the story gets very long and crescendos into a bore (except for the special effects) at the end. The choreography of the songs are terrible (although they weren't worth watching anyways). The direction was excellent at the start, but it deteriorated by the end of the movie. There was a little violence in the movie, but it can be tolerated. In places the dialogues were wonderful, but overall they were just okay. Another thing to take notice of is the excellent voice of Tabu which doesn't ever irritate. Prem has a four star starting, but a one star ending.

Cast & Crew

Satish Kaushik
Boney Kapoor
Laximkant Pyarelal

Prem Movie - Songs

Maine Jee Liya Mar Liya Prem Kar Liya

Saat Janam Saat Vachan

Meri Chudiyan Baji Chhan Eagle

Tum Khoobsoorat Ho

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