Qahar - 1997


A young woman, Neelam bear witness to the brutal killings of her brother and sister-in-law by a gangster named Velgi. When Velgi and his men find out that Neelam is going to testify against them in court they put up all available methods to kill her but a man named Raja fell in love with Neelam and will leave no stone unturned in ensuring Neelam?s safety. Raja meets up with Krishna and they both finds that they have one thing in common - honesty - so Krishna too join with Raja to fight on the road to justice. But one day when Neelam gets molested by Velgi and Raja is shot by a cop Amar, Krishna?s life turns to violence and revenge so much that Amar and the police force have a wanted bulletin for Krishna. But what Amar does not know is that Krishna is his long-lost brother.

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