Race 3 - 2018


The film opens with the oldest member from the 'Race' franchise making his entry. This time, Anil Kapoor isn't your Inspector Robert D'Cousta who solved cases with fruit as his steady companion. Instead, you see him here as Shamsher Singh, a mafia big-shot who deals in illegal arms and ammunition. Mind you, he's sharp as his suit. Minutes later, a voice-over introduces us to the Singh family tree.

Shamsher has twin kids, Suraj (Saqib Saleem) and Sanjana (Daisy Shah). When not hangin' around a bar, they spend most of the time referring each other as 'Bro' and sulking over their ill fate. What's Race without a step-sibling? So, there you have half-brother Sikander (Salman Khan) whose favourite past-time is donning a wingsuit and jumping from skyscapers putting even Superman to shame and breaking into random Bhojpuri.

Sikander has a Man Friday Yash (Bobby Deol) who is ready to take even a bullet for him. Enter Jessica (Jacqueline Fernandez). She promises to rings in a twist. Meanwhile, Suraj and Sanjana are tired of 'Siku' Sikander' and are busy plotting to pack him off. But hey folks, things ain't suppose to be that easy in this land!

Cast & Crew

Remo DSouza
Ramesh S Taurani, Kumar S Taurani, Salman Khan
Meet Bros, Vishal Mishra, Vicky Hardik, Tushar Joshi, Harmeet Singh, Manmeet Singh, Shivai Vyas, Jayanta Pathak, Gurinder Seagal, Ali Jacko
Kumaar, Shabbir Ahmed, Salman Khan, Shloke Lal, Hardik Acharya, Shanky, Shivai Vyas, Kunaal Vermaa, Rimi Nique

Race 3 Movie - Songs



Allah Duhai Hai

Party Chale On

I Found Love

Ek Galti

Saansein Hui Dhuan Dhuan

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