Rain - 2005


Rain is the story of a blind girl who has the phobia of rain because of certain incidents in her childhood. The film stars the sizzling Meghna Naidu in the lead role, essaying the role of the protagonist.

Opposite Meghna Himanshu Malik , a model who is still trying to make his standing in Bollywood.

The storyline: Sandhya Bhatnagar (Meghna) is born blind and with steep grit and determination has fought against all odds and managed to become a celebrated writer. Sandhya lives in a bungalow, which stands alone amidst the wilderness of a hill station.

Loving solitude, Sandhya spends most of her time on her Braille typewriter typing stories, which are based on the tough realities of life.

One day a journalist Prakash (Himanshu) calls Sandhya for an appointment for an interview. She gives him affirmation and calls him over. Before Prakash arrives at her abode, Sandhya starts picking up knives and hiding them in different places in the house. This creates doubts as to what is the motive behind this hiding and the sanity of this gorgeous, lonely girl.

Nothing untoward happens and the interview goes on slickly till the topic of rain oozes out of the talks casually. Prakash learns that Sandhya has a strange fear - the fear of rain. The mention of rain makes Sandhya nervous and tense. She also gets frantic and goes utterly insane when the rain actually starts pouring.

Prakash now tries to find out what is the thing that makes Sandhya suffer from this strange phobia. While he is on way to know the fact, he begins to love her. After plenty of twists and turns, he succeeds in uncovering the root cause of this phobia.

What does Prakash discovers? Is it Sandhya?s horrifying past that is connected to rain? Or there is something else, which scares her from rain? Will Prakash be able to help Sandhya overcome this fear of rain?

Cast & Crew

Amol Shetge
Vinod Bachchan
Amol Shetge

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