Rakht - 2004


Mohit [Suniel Shetty] is a car mechanic, who is emotionally inclined towards Drishti. He is a slightly eccentric man because of his troubled childhood.

Rahul (an unsuitable name for Sanjay Dutt's character) is the principal of a school and is engaged to a beautiful woman named Natasha (Amrita Arora). Natasha is a fast girl with a sensuous demeanour. She is committed to Rahul. But then, she is also spotted in the embrace of a young man named Abhigyan (Himanshu Malik) at a party.

One night after a late party, Natasha goes missing. No one has any clue to where she is or what happened to her. Rahul seeks Drishti's help to find her.

As the threads of many stories come together before Drishti, and as more blood is spilled, the face of the killer begins to come together gradually before her till the finale when the killer stands exposed.

Rakht's strength lies in its progressive story that keeps engaging a viewer more and more as it moves towards a climax which, sorry to say, is a bit of a letdown. Besides this, Mahesh Manjrekar has made an overuse of background sounds and music, which, although skillfully composed by Sandeep Chowta, domiates the visuals at times rather than supporting it.

Convincing performances by Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu stand out among the fairly average acting by others. Sunil Shetty puts energy into some scenes with his presence, while Sanjay Dutt looks subdued.

On the whole, Rakht is a watchable flick with its shares of ups and downs. The movie's 'slow-than-usual' pace may not go well with certain viewers. Others will be impressed by the authencity with which Manjreakar creates an eerie and spooky ambience on the screen.

Cast & Crew

Mahesh Manjrekar
Cine Blitz Productions, Popcorn Motion Pictures
Mahesh Manjrekar

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