Ram Jaane - 1995


He Is a nameless street urchin. Whenever someone asks him his name, the answer comes forthwith - 'RAM JAANE'! (God knows). Murli is his friend and Bela is his love. In course of time, Ram Jaane (Shah Rukh Khan) becomes a criminal & is jailed. Murli (Vivek Mushran) turns out to be a moral custodian of the street urchins. His 'Apna Ghar' becomes a home for the homeless.

When RJ comes out of jail, Murli forcibly brings him to 'Apna Ghar', hoping that he would be able to reform him. However what cheers RJ is his proximity to Bela (Juhi Chawla) here. Though Bela is only being friendly towards him, RJ mistakes it for love, not knowing that Bela loves Murli. Murli is aware of RJ's passion for Bela so he in turn hides his feelings from her, and pretends not to love her. The presence of RJ affects the children in a manner Murli hadn't foreseen. RJ's easy and glamourous life style is prodding the boys to follow his path. They all start imitating him.

While trying to save Murli's 'Apna Ghar' from corrupt land developers, a crime is accidently committed by RJ which also involves two boys from 'Apna Ghar'. and leaving one of the resident boys Poltu dead. Murli blames RJ for the tragedy and they part company. However, Murli forces Bela to continue seeing RJ as she is the only one who could reform him and induce meaning into his life. Bela can reform RJ, but for the wily ways of the villians (Gulshan Grover, Pankaj Kapoor, Punit Issar), who insinuate that Murli is responsible for training criminals in 'Apna Ghar' for RJ's gang. All the financial aid stops coming to Murli for 'Apna Ghar'. The children are starving, but then suddenly arrives a lakh of rupees cash. Murli knows from where the money has come from. He confronts RJ and finally the daggers are drawn between friends. What follows is a story of heroism and supreme sacrifice that will make Ram Jaane an unforgettable movie experience for the entire family.

Ram Jaane Movie - Songs

Ram Jaane Title Track

Ala La La Long

Bum Chiki Chiki Bum

Pump Up The Bhangra

Chori Chori O Gori

Phenk Hawa Mein Ek Chumma

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