Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja - 1993


Jagmohan Jugral kills his twin brother Manmohan to escape from the custom officer Verma. After which he convinces everyone that he is Manmohan and the one that died was cruel Jagmohan, he kills Dr. Ashok and Verma. Ramesh, son of Verma becomes a orphan and so does Seema, the daughter of Doctor Ashok. Both grow up and are in look out for Jagmohan. Ramesh's elder brother Ravi is a cop and doesn't know that Ramesh is his brother. Ramesh and Seema met each other and grow fond of each other in an orphanage before Seema is adopted. Ramesh runs away from the orphanage in order to look for Seema.

Both Seema and Ramesh (known as Romeo) meet each other again, initially not recognising each other, they try to outdo each other as crooks before Ramesh realises that Seema is the same Seema whom he met as a child at the orphanage. Since they both have the same goal (finding Jagmohan), they join forces to do so. Seema bumps into Jagmohan, whointroduces himself as Manmohan. He realises that Seema is looking out for him and thus offers to help her find her father?s murderer in return for illegal favours. Once he captures Romeo whom he realises is also after him, along with Seema, he reveals his true identity and leaves Romeo and Seema to die.

Both survive and in the meanwhile Romeo meets up with his long lost brother Ravi who promises to help Romeo by finding Jagmohan since he to is eager to capture Jagmohan, only within lawful boundaries. Jagmohan is killed when Seema and Romeo, who he thought had died, come back along with Ravi in a final vengeful altercation.

Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja Movie - Songs

Main Hoon Roop Ki Rani

Janewale Zara Rukh Jao

Tu Roop Ki Rani Tu Choron Ka Raja

Dushman Dil Ka Jo Hai Mere

Parda Utha

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